Terms & Conditions


Due to currency fluctuation, there will be adjustments of the product price. We ordered most of our stuff from overseas and we are at the mercy of currency every minute.

At times, there will be stuff that are discounted from our distributors and will revert back to its original price after the discount period is over.



Teenage Head Records reserves the right to limit quantities able to be ordered by customers. If an order is reduced in accordance with this clause, the price payable by the customer for that ordered will be adjust accordingly. Teenage Head Records may delay dispatch of orders due to stock availability.



For in-store pickup orders not collected within 1 year from date of order, it will be consider void with no refund.



All the orders can be automatically deleted without prior notice, If payment is not completed in 24 hours. Teenage Head Records reserves the right to refuse/ cancel an order without any prior notice, if the product ordered is no longer available in stock.

Customers have responsibility to check their order status before ordering. Items in your shopping cart DOES NOT mean it is reserved and it may be purchased by others, if you did not checked out.



Please take note that for items like DVDs, BluRays etc, it will be imported from Europe or US and might be coded to cater for that particular region. Do make sure that your player is able to accept those regions before ordering… best, if your player is multi-region.

No refund will be given if you ordered it and your player cannot accept it. So do all of us a favour by checking it first, before ordering.



Do take note that product image/info might sometimes differ from the actual product. Please do check with us beforehand if you want a particular product that might have a different cover, variants etc from regular ones.

You are not allowed to copy product image/info for any purposes. Do, kindly, email us first at contact@teenageheadrecords.com.my to get permission.



Some of the track(s) preview on the items are not the exact tracks listing on the listed product due to its unavailability on the web or any streaming sites. Please do check with us beforehand if you need to see the precise listing of each product.



New product will sometimes comes with shrinkwrap packaging but some will not. If that is the case, we will do so with our own packaging. Customers orders will also be with bubble wrap before delivery or coated with some form of protection for a safer delivery.

Teenage Head Records is also responsible to give tracking number to the customers via email after shipping complete. If you did not received any tracking number, Please check your junk mail folder before emailing us at: contact@teenageheadrecords.com.my.