1) If you ordered IN STOCK items and BACKORDER/PREORDER items under the same cart, items will be delivered or available for self-collection, only after all items are in-stock. Best to use separate carts for IN STOCK items and BACKORDER/PREORDER items, if you want your in-stock items to be delivered/collected first. Using the same cart implies that you want all your items to be delivered/collected in one package;

2) Barring any major mishaps, IN STOCK items will be posted out or ready for in-store pickup within 3-5 days, BACKORDER items (depending on availability, filling rate and shipping schedule), within 2-8 weeks and PREORDER items, 2-4 weeks after its release date;

3) Do CONTACT US after the stipulated BACKORDER period of 8-weeks, for a refund, if you choose to do so. If we do not get any instruction from you, we will just proceed with the order until item/s is/are in stock;

4) Please choose your shipping options, whether you want it posted out or in-store pickup;

5) Please liaise directly with the respective courier services if you have any special instructions (specific location, timing, day to deliver etc) for your delivery. We do not do any sort of telephone call when order has reached a certain location or pre-shipping call, for that matter, and we are also not able to do any gift wrappings, special messages, birthday greetings etc for your order;

6) To check your order status, when logged in, go to MY ACCOUNT/ORDERS, then click ORDERS. If you are doing in-store pickup, make sure the status is READY FOR PICKUP before coming over. We do not do any personal calls to customers when their items are READY FOR PICKUP;

7) For international customer without a Malaysian bank account, we are unable to refund you directly to your account for any unsuccessful backorders, but it will be transferred to a GIFT CARD instead;

8) For in-store pickup orders not collected within 1 year from date of order, it will be consider void with no refund

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