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What does "IN STOCK" means?

“IN STOCK” means that we have the items in hand and it will be posted out in 3-5 days time.

What does "OUT OF STOCK" means?

“OUT OF STOCK” simply means that items are not in stock and no longer orderable. We do not leave non-orderable OUT OF STOCK items on the site unless they are for one of these two reasons; i) archival purposes; usually for THR’s own releases and ii) we are in the midst of rechecking the updated listing/pricing for that particular item, which will be updated to BACKORDER shortly, if it is still available

What does "BACKORDER" means?

“BACKORDER” means that we don’t have that particular title in-stock but is orderable. Depending on availability, filling rate and shipping schedule, item should be in within 2-8 weeks. If item cannot be ordered, get back to us after 8 weeks and we will refund back your money.

What does "PREORDER" means?

“PREORDER” is usually for upcoming new titles or releases. Preorder helps us to order just the right amount stock for our inventory. To avoid disappointment of not getting it in the first shipment, we advise you to preorder, especially for the big, popular titles. Even with preorder, it does not mean that you are guaranteed  to get the titles that you preordered… it is all about allocation. Preorder items should be in 2-4 weeks after its release date. Also do take note, that preorder date might change due to lots of factors like, logistics, manufacturing delays etc.

What if I ordered one "IN STOCK" item and one "BACKORDER" item under the same order ID?

Items will only be posted out after ALL items are in-stock. Best to use separate carts for “IN STOCK” items and “BACKORDER”/”PREORDER” items, if you want your in-stock items to be posted out/collected first. Using the same cart implies that you want all your items to be in one package.

What does "WISHLIST" means?

“WISHLIST” means you want to add this item to your list but you do not want to buy it now… but later. Please take note that adding something to “WISHLIST” does not mean that the particular item will be “reserved” for you.

What does "REQUEST ITEM/PRICE" means?

There are about 10 millions albums (not counting separate list for 7″, cassettes, singles, underground releases etc) unofficially listed. We can’t be listing all 10 millions on our webstore in one go. If you need any particular item listed, this is the link to click. Fill in the information needed and we will email you with a direct link to the item details, price and ordering information. Do run through your inbox, one or two day after the request and if it is not there, keep a lookout for it in the spam folder. It might just be there.

What does "FILTER / SEARCH" means?

This is where you will refine our list to your liking (if you do not want to go through our whole catalogue). It will work on a “search and filter/s” or multiple filters option. So, if you are particularly looking for Strokes new vinyl… you can type “Strokes” in SEARCH, click the NEW option in CONDITION and VINYL in FORMAT and then click SHOW RESULT. If you are only looking for in-stock new CDs… you will click IN STOCK in AVAILIBILITY, NEW in CONDITION and CDs in FORMAT… so on and so forth. At any time, you want to close filter, click CLOSE FILTER and if you want to cancel all filters, click ALL ITEMS again to go back to ALL ITEMS listing

Why do I see one particular item in stock at the store but is out of stock on the webstore (and vice versa)?

Please take note that the store inventory and the webstore inventory are 2 totally separate list. Things that you can find at the store, you cannot find it online and vice versa. There will be some common overlapping new titles, but for used items, they are specific for either the store or the webstore.

I have ordered my items. How do I check the status of my order?

Easy peasy. Log in… then click the MY ACCOUNT/ORDERS and then ORDERS. All your orders statuses will be there. Take note… if you are doing self-collection, please wait for the “READY FOR PICKUP” status before coming to the store

How are the used items graded?

We tend to be super, strict when grading used items. In fact, most of the times, we will to “under grade” a particular item, so customers won’t be shortchanged. This the reason why you will never see our used items graded “Mint”, “Near Mint” or even “Excellent”. Please refer to Record Collector website for a rundown on the grading system.

Can i cancel an item after I have ordered it?

Best not to… but if you need to, drop us a message with your Order ID and we will try to sort it out for you. There will be an administration charge of RM15.00 that will be minus off from the refund amount for “customer-requested” order cancellation or cancellation of backorder before the stipulated 8-weeks time period.

Can I return damaged items?

On our part, we will try to pack your items to the best of our ability for it to arrive safe but you’ll never know what mood your postman will be on a particular day! If you need return it, please do post it back in the original packaging. You will need to bear the posting cost but we will refund you back the cost of the item. Oh ya… all returned items have to be done within 3 days upon receiving the items.

Can Teenage Head Records ship overseas?

We are shipping out to Singapore and Indonesia now… then a few other countries, in stages and then the rest of the world after that.

What courier service do Teenage Head Records use?

By default, we will engaged Poslaju to deliver all of your order for Semenanjung/Sabah/Sarawak and EMS Malaysia for Singapore. Along the way,  in the future, we will try to add a few more courier choices.

How long will shipping take?

Lots of factors (weather, holidays, peak periods etc) come into play when we are estimating how many days shipping will take, but if push comes to shove, we would say, for Semenanjung 3-5 working days, for Sabah/Sarawak 5-8 working days and Singapore 10-14 working days, from the drop-off date

How does refund works?

Sometimes, in cases where we are not able to fulfill your order or, for some unfortunate reasons, we will have to proceed with the process of refund. For Malaysians, refund will be as easy as transferring back to your local banks. Details will be given to you when we are processing it. For overseas customers though, we are not able to direct the refund to your bank account but instead, the refund will be transferred to a ‘gift card’ where you can use it to buy other items.

Why is the tracking number sent, shows "INVALID"?

Sometimes, it’s a typing error. CONTACT US if that’s the case. Most of the time, Poslaju tracking system might lagged a bit and you are advise to check it at a later time.

I check out an item listed at a certain price but the price change at a later date during ordering. Why is that?

Currency fluctuates… can’t be helped. We ordered most of our stuff from overseas and we are at the mercy of currency fluctuation every minute. Also, sometimes a product might be discounted when we ordered it but when the discount period is over, it will returned back to its original price.

I ordered a specified, exclusive colour vinyl but when I received it, it's just the regular one. Why?

Exclusive items are very much sought-after and are very much dependent on allocations by our distributors. First of all, we we manage to get it, we will make sure that you get it. But of course, there will be times, say you ordered a red vinyl version of a particular items, but it got sold out in a jiff. We will send you the regular version and refund you the price difference, if there’s any.

I add an item to the cart but during checking out, the item was missing. Why is that?

Someone just beat you to it for that item. Adding to cart does not mean that the item is “reserved”. Item will only be “reserved” after payment is done.

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